z015 STAR WARS Aust daybill '77 Lucas, like style C!

Bruce Hershenson Weekly Movie Paper Sale #314
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IMPORTANT! Thisitem closes the night of 2/20, but please know that we send our buyerstheir "notification e-mail" the following morning, in this case the morning of 2/21. Please do not e-mail us about how to pay for your purchase until after you receive that notification e-mail on the 21st. Thanks! When you buy from us, you get an unequaled seal of quality found now else! [ Hide Details ] z015 STAR WARS Aust daybill movie poster '77 Lucas, like style C!

Note: "emovieposter" is only on our digital image, NOT on the actual item. Also, we are slowly changing our photography setup! Images with a solid black background are ones that were photographed on our new black metal background. We now hold the posters in place with magnets (this way, we do not have to attach the poster to the wall in any way). We use different kinds of magnets: small round ones and larger rectangular ones. If an image has a black background, know that the odd circles or rectangles in each corner of the poster are magnets that are holding it in place, and are NOT a

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