Zafira Stylus collection over 200 audio tech ADC BSR +

Zafira brand replacement stylus/ diamond needle collection with cherry wood case
This is a PayPal only, no reserve auction for new old stock diamond replacement needles, aka stylus's, Zafira brand, made to retrofit many manufactures cartridges for turntables. No turntable is included in this auction. This auction is for over two hundred replacement needles, stylus for cartridges that came on various vintage turntables. This collection came from a old Hi-Fi store that closed out of their analog turntable replacement stylus department. Most are still factory sealed. They come in a gorgeous all cherry wood three tray deep slotted container. It is 22 & 1/2" deep, 19" wide, and 6 & 1/2" height. It is large, and a bit heavy, so shipping will be a bit. This is not a complete collection, as many were sold out of the very nice old display case included; over two hundred needles are in this diamond tip stylus collection.
The sectional trays are labeled for various brands that Zafria made replacement stylus for, such as Acutex, ADC, Audio Technica, Astatic, BSR, Empire, Fisher, Kenwood, Magnavox, National Technics, EPS, Nagaoka, Pickering, Piezo, Pioneer, Sansui, Sanyo, Sony, Tetrad, Toshiba, JVC. This auction is for the entire batch, Each of which usually sell on line for $8.99 a piece! and I counted two hundred and nine,
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