Zapf Creation Baby Annabell version 5 + accessories - rare!

Up for action i have a zapf 100% Genuine Baby Annabella Version 5 2009 - considered by many to be the best version (see mumnet etc)Very rare - a boxed version is currently selling on ebay for £150!! This is the doll that reacts to your voice and giggles when the sheep toy is squeezed and plays her lullaby. She giggles and says dada etc She sucks her dummy and bottle and her mouth move and her eye open and close when� shies� given some water� bottle - burbs, sighs and then closes her eyes and breathes as she fall asleep� . If she is woken by noise she will cry� and will shed REAL TEARS. I'm also including lots of bits with her including bottles, bib, dummy, soap, rattle etc etc