ZARA / ZADAR (Croatia / Italy): Lot of 12 Postcards circa 1910-1920

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Zara/Zadar in Croatia/Italy: Lot of 12 Postcards circa 1910-1920

A nice set of early postcards of the town of ZARA or ZADAR, as it was variously known. The name "ZARA" was used by the Austrian Empire in the 19th century, but it was provisionally changed to Zadar/Zara from 1910 to 1920; from 1920 to 1947 the city became part of Italy as Zara, and finally was named ZADAR and became part of Croatia.

11 of the postcards are sepia tone photos, and a few have dates of 1912-1913 on the back. They are variously marked as printed in Dresden (Stengel) or Zara (Massanti). All have divided backs and no writing. One tinted postcard is probably slightly later (the only one to show early cars). Condition ranges from very good to fair. Most are age-toned, with some soiling, particularly along margins/back edges, a few have edge/corner wear (see photos). Quite a scarce set. Includes view of the following: Interno del Museo S. Donato Porto Cortile antico Biblioteca Paravia Viale delle Mura Piazza del Duomo Vecchio corpo di guardia Istituto femminile della fondazione di S. Demetrio Piazza dell' Erbe Porta Terraferma e la Fossa Piazza dei Signori Hotel Briston

I'll also include a few duplicates. All postcards are housed in archival sleeves. Thanks for looking!

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