ZDZ-40 BS 40cc Giant Scale Gas Engine sim to DL,DA,3W


40 cc Electronic Ignition Giant Scale Engine w/ Bisson Inverted Silencer w/Smoke

Perfect for those in-line engine applications such as the CMP Warbirds!

What a POWER HOUSE! But where did it come from?

A fellow modeler had recently passed away and we are helping his widow get some spending money from all the hobby supplies her husband had squirrelled away over the years. The earnings from this auction are going to her.

Check out the pictures for details.

I will be selling a number of his engines, radios, props, and parts over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on my auctions!

ZDZ® Giant Scale Gas Engines are proudly made in the Czech Republic by ZDZ® Modelmotor s.r.o..

These engines have been designed from scratch for RC Model Aircraft. No industrial engine or chain saw parts are used.

Many years ago the ZDZ® ModelMotor engineering staff was given the daunting task of designing a family of gasoline model airplane engines that must meet many conflicting specifications: Lightweight, Powerful, Low vibration levels, Fuel efficient, Reliable, Long service life and be easy to manufacture. They succeeded!

Engine Model ZDZ® 40 BS Displacement & Configuration 40 cc Single Minimum Aerobatics up to 20 lbs. Sport Aerobatics 15-17 lbs.
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