NEW ZEALAND MNH 1750a-55a LOTR Fellowship 6 S/S 8568

My minimum shipping fee is $2.00. This allows me to send out all items in the USA with a delivery confirmation. I do not charge additional shipping fees if sent to a USA site. If the items is large and requires a 9 x 12 envelope the shipping fee will be $3.00. My minimum fee to a foreign country is $2.25. This is for a #10 envelope. Larger envelopes require higher fees. If registration is wanted, it is an additional $12.00. I am not responsible for custom fees or delays, which can be considerable in some countries. I have been a member of the American Philatelic Society since 1976 I try to send out the stamps as described. If I missed something, please let me know. Large lots or collections may have some stamps with faults. I do not normally count them in calculating the price of the item, and as such do not expect a return of a collection for that reason.