Zeiss Binnocular Loupes Telescope Spectacles Optical

Carl Zeiss Jena

Binnocular Loupes

Also called

Telescopic Spectacles

Pre Second World War


With Bakelite Case

This Sale is For the Following:




Five Lens

The Details

T Are Two Large Loupe Lenses

One has +6 and the other has +7 Engraved on them.

T are two smaller lenses nearer the eyes

Both have Carl Zeiss Jena engraved on them.

One has a -o- mark and t is a little dust inside of this lens.

The other has the following

-A ? O V = 1.8-

The -o- lens has a smaller lens attached to it, which has a mark -2.

This lens is the astigmatic adjustment lens particular to the individual using the spectacles. Your own optician can fit astigmatic Lens Holders with your custom prescription if you need them.

All the lenses are chip and scratch free.

The frame beside the bridge has the Carl Zeiss Jena Brand Mark engraved.

The Bridge and nose pads have an amber coloured shell like material, possibly Mother of Pearl .

I have used these to read very small-engraved marks.

This is a complete item

And a very nice addition

To a collection


It is a useful tool for Model
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