Zeiss Stereo Field Glass" by Bausch & Lomb, 6x, rare!

An astonishingly rare glass, this is almost certainly among the very first prismatic binoculars ever made by Bausch & Lomb! It carries the almost unheard-of patent date of June 22, 1897 and must have either been licensed from the emerging German optical house Carl Zeiss-Jena or built with their permission. Among the many things that make binoculars such an interesting category to collect is how little the art has advanced in more than 100 years. With a few minor changes, the basic design elements of this vintage instrument remain in use even today. Amazing. Anyway, features include porro prism construction, classic center focusing adapted from soon-to-be-outdated Gallilean designs, flared Bakelite eyecups, leather covered body, and leather case. The markings are absolutely outstanding, including the "Zeiss Stereo Field Glass" imprint, patent date, and "Power 6x" on the left-hand prism cover, and the factory stamp "Bausch & Lomb Optical Co." in old English script on the right-hand cover. On the botton hinge cap are the words "E.B. Meyrowitz, New York" (perhaps the dealer). From all indications, the cosmetics are original and surprisingly nice (aside from the usual wear to paint and the lifting of the left-hand leather pebbling from the body). The optics appear original and unopened and are correspondingly foggy (but intact)

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