Zelda Link Master Sword Exact Replica hard Scabbard NEW

Exact Replica~Link's Master Sword~Ocarina of Time~Detailed Hard Scabbard

Triforce Logo~Golden Power Seal Engraved on the Blade

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan Don't Miss Out on this one. This is NOT the cheap look-a-like that comes with the cheap leather sheath. This is a Killer Repro that you won't want to be without. This Master Sword comes with the Highly Detailed Hard Scabbard. The Tri force logo or Golden Power Seal is engraved on the blade.

These replica Master Swords w/ Hard Scabbard are: Way CoooooL!!!!

Can your Legend of Zelda theme decor be without this masterful reproduction of Link's Master Sword?

Adding the belt strap makes this replica weapon perfect for gamers and fantasy role reenactors-a wicked cool costume accessory. Get the Hylian Shield as well and be Link's doppelganger.

The Master Sword will make the most awesome gift for the Zelda fan! This is a gift that won't be soon forgotten!

Link's Master Sword Specifications:

Sheathed: 42 inches overall

Blade: 31 inches of polished 440 stainless steel 18/64 inch thickness.

Handle: Highly detailed, 11 inches in length

The handle and guard are injection molded high-impact plastic painted in high gloss blue. The Scabbard is wood painted with the same high gloss blue with gold
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