Zen-On Gut Guitar 1950s Rare

This is a late 1950s Japanese classical guitar. The label reads as follows: Zen-On Gut Guitar Model 500 No. 40.7.14. Zen-On Guitar Seisaku-Sho. I inspected the body and explain it the best I can. T are some dents and scratches on the top, nothing major. T is a 2mm deep dent on the side in the back area. T are some paint marks on the back and the sides, not much. The top wood has parallel lines and because of the age some of the grooves are showing. The top has inlay around the sound hole and around the edge. The first three frets are discolored somewhat. The saddle is missing but the pegs are new. Plays easy and sounds great. Comes with a cardboard case, not original.