ZEN135 Japanese Antique hanging scroll by Kano Yasunobu


Japanese Antique Handwritten Hanging Scroll


TIGER (early EDO period)


Yasunobu kano (1613-1685)

Brother of Kano Tan'yu and Kano Naonobu. He received his formal instruction as a painter fromKano Koi, who had also taught his brothers.

At the age of ten he was selected to succeed Kano Sadanobu (1597-1623), the son of Kano Mitsunobu, as head of the Kano school and was given the artist's name Ukyonoshin, which had formerly been used by Mitsunobu. Evidence of his talent at this young age is seen in a pair of six-panel folding screens depicting the Chinese themes of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove and the Four Sages of Mt Shang ( c. 1624; Kyoto, Shojuraigoji).

In 1630 Yasunobu moved to Edo, w he served, like his brothers,

as goyo eshi (painter-in-residence) at the shogunal court.

He was granted a residence in the Nakabashi district of Edo,

w he founded the Nakabashi Kano atelier, one of the four highest-ranking Kano studios.



Material = Silk

Scroll Box = None

Condition= Good


Hanging Scroll = 165 x42cm

Art Work = 94x 33 cm

Weight= 350g

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