Zenith 12U159 12 tube console All original and nice

This beautiful radio for auction is the Zenith 12U 159 console from 1937. This 12 tube console is All original! If you couldn't afford the Stratosp model, and still wanted a top of the line radio ,this was the Zenith for you. The dial is massive, nearly 10" in diameter, almost the same as the StratospThis radio is a 12 tube with 4 bands. It has a woofer and tweeter sound system, very rare for a console. It has some of the fanciest veneers ever put on a console. The radio is all original ,original finish and has not had any refinishing. T is no damage to the veneers. T has been No repairs to the cabinet or the veneers only some touch up in spots. T are some age spots [it is 72 years old] but they are hard to see as this radio is so fancy. The dial glass is perfect, as is the dial. The radio works . This is a beautiful rare high tube count console, And all original finish [they are only original once ,no refinish process will ever match this] The radio is missing the 5" speaker .it has the big speaker ,and it is in good condition. When I was tuning it today I broke the tuning belt [I can order a new one ]The radio has the correct repro grille cloth The side speaker slots have the original cloth in good condition Please ask any questions I have many photos and can send others to you . I have photos of all 4 bands lit up . Shipping

Shipping will be by fedex ground or greyhound bus Fedex ground shipping is approx $150 to $200 ,more to Ca. It is oversized Boxed size is 50"x 30"x 20" my zip is 75146 and the weight is approx 70lbs. boxed If you have your own shipping arrangements ,you can use this info. I can also drop it off at the UPS Store and they can pack and ship it for you . You will need to contact them directly to set up the shipping and payment . I can get you their phone number. I highly advise shipping the chassis in a separate box to guard against damage to the cabinet, but that is up to the buyer Greyhound bus shipping service says approx $100 they do have some restrictions You have to pick it up from them at their terminal in your town. Check your local Greyhound terminal or check online You may also pick it up in person ,after payment or deposit I can hold it for you until you can pick it up [after it is paid for] a $10-20 charge for boxes will be added to the invoice I also strongly advise insurance I do not want this nice radio damaged in shipment and that will be an extra cost

Overseas buyers welcome but shipping will be expensive if even possible Any paypal payments must be from verified accounts only Please ask any questions I have a very low reserve on this radio Thanks for looking and good luck

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