Zenith 5F-134 Radio, Working, Good Condition

This Zenith radio is the last of an extensive collection of radios I had from the late 70's to the mid 80's. I especially loved my Zenith's which I had many of. A few years ago I sold my last floor model with shutter dial and motor drive. That was a beautiful radio that I hated to part with.

This tabletop has a very nice personality and is attractive. The dial is black and white when the radio is not powered but has added colors when lit up. It is in working condition but like any radio of this age, it needs attention. It has the typical hum and probably needs the filter caps replaced. The hum is not that bad though and the radio is listenable. I have played the radio three times per year to try to keep the caps alive. It brings in a decent number of stations with a very short antenna. The speaker is not original and has been replaced with another Zenith speaker which is newer, model number 49-143ab. It sounds fine.

I re-finished the cabinet probably about 20+ years ago. IMO it looks pretty good and has benefited from 20 years aging of the varnish. It has a few newer scuffs on it which are not too bad but are noticeable. T is a crack in the veneer on the upper top edge which I have tried to capture in one of the photos. I doesn't offend me much and is not that objectionable. All radio functions work and the dial
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