Zenith 6V6-G 6V6 G Engraved Base Radio Tube amp tested

Zenith 6V6-G
Vacuum Tube
with engraved base #004 Specifications Shipping
Lot#: 004 Manufacturer: Zenith Tube Type: 6V6-G Test Result: 3600 µmhos Std. New Value: 3700+ µmhos Minimum Good Value: 2600 µmhos Made in: USA No shorts All tubes are guaranteed to be as described when they get to your door. Bases and top caps are solid. We do not sell marginal or weak tubes unless specifically noted. Tubes have been tested for shorts, long life, mutual conductance (Gm), and English rating using a Hickok 534B Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester & Analyzer. A mutual conductance checker applies voltage to each element of the tube, supplies bias and a signal to the control grid and tests the tube much like it would be used in an actual circuit, measuring plate current in micromhos (µmhos). "Matched pairs" of tubes have Gm values equal or within 10%. We will be listing a large number of radio tubes in the coming weeks. Please check our our EBay store Chalk Hill Treasures . We prefer PayPal payments but we will accept money order or cashier's check from buyers with a good feedback history. Top Specifications
Shipping & Handling Charges: Multiple auctions can be combined to save on shipping cost. Shipping via USPS within continental US (tracking included): Priority Mail, 1 to 6 tubes: $5.00 Priority Mail, 7 to 12
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