The Zenith Limited Model Electric Train Set

Up for sale is a Zenith limited electric train set. Some how this train set got stored in the attic with Christmas wrap on it that looked like it was misplaced some time ago. We didn't find it till we had to locate a leak in the roof. The box shows some signs of water damage but, the train has been tested and is in working condition. This is the only time that this box has been opened. There are some signs of age and storage but, this is still a great starter strain set. The street crossing section shows signs of discoloration due to the water damage and four small pieces of track are broken off at the ends but, it does not hinder the train in any way. I have placed the four small pieces of track in the plastic bag just above the, "TEXACO" tanker and every thing is complete. I've seen these listed brand new for $95 and up with shipping sometimes extra. One train set recently sold for $59.95 with a $33+ dollar shipping that still made it around $93+ dollars to purchase and wasn't nearly in the condition that this train set is in! Thank you and happy new year.