Zenith tombstone radio 5-S-127 etc, repro dial #26-122

In August 2003 I bought the famous Clint Blais repro antique radio dial business. I have many RCA, Philco, Zenith and other radio dials in stock. These are not cheap computer copies but REAL SILK SCREENED products, just like the originals !!!
we have a Repro antique radio dial for ZENITH MODELS 5-S-127, 5-S-119, AND OTHERS. PART # 26-122. This dial is an exact copy of the original. CHECK your dial number or model number, many dials look alike! The dial in the pix is not cut to size yet, however, the dial you get will be ready to install in your radio. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR DIAL LAMP SHADES ARE NOT IN PLACE YOU WILL LIKELY BURN HOLES IN THIS DIAL, or any ORIGINAL dial as well. I will include replacement dial shades for extra $3 if you need them email me. Ship is $3 on this dial in the USA, Canada and Mexico. $6 for other foreign locations.
Thanks and be sure to see my other repro dials on eBay now and in the future! Email any questions.