ZENITH Transoceanic R600 Portable Shortwave Radio

In great shape! - Circa 1955 Zenith Trans - oceanic Model R600, Chassis 6R40, AC/DC portable Short-wave radio. Both inside and out, the leattte cover is in great shape. Front cover unlatches to reveal the large, clear, slide rule dial with its pristine gold bezel. All the knobs, switches, pushbuttons are original and in good working condition. The pull-down 27-page "Brief Operating Instructions" are clean and have no marks, folds or tears. On the lower left, the Dial Light Control only needs a battery to operate. Even the Headphone Jack works! Wave-Magnet and telescoping antenna are in fine shape, too. Rear cover pulls open to reveal the spotless battery compartment with plugs, original labels and chassis above. The "6" tube layout is: 1U4; 1L6; 1U4; 1U5; 3V4; 50A1. Receives stations all across the AM Broadcast Band but no stations heard on the Short-wave Bands. Includes schematic diagrams, service info, parts list, as well as copy of Zenith Operating Guide. A great addition for any vintage radio collection! Weighs about 19 lbs. NO PAYPAL.