Zero Friction Golf Tees - 250 3 1/4 length + Bonus

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250 New, Authentic 3 and 1/4 Zero Friction Golf Tees.

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Zero Friction Golf Tees are one of the hottest items on the market today . Play what the pros are playing and discover how they achieve additional distance through the use of these tees. I utilized these tees and after my first round and I was sold forever.

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BONUS - In addition to the White, 250, 3 1/4 inch golf tees , you'll received my written top 5 golf swing lessons of all time . I've been playing golf for 25 years and have a +1 handicap. I love the game and I've had several lessons with professionals who teach players on the PGA tour. These lessons can be applied to all swings; they are universal truths to better golf. There are several tips and lessons I've received over these 25 years which I believe are critical to lowering your scores and striking the ball more consistently. If you'll apply these simple 5 lessons to your game, you'll lower your handicap. Watch for
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