Zildjian Z3 14 inch Hi Hat cymbals - Z30414 / HIHATS

Zildjian Z3 14 inch Hi Hat cymbals - Z30414
Zildjian Z3 14 inch Hi Hat cymbals - Z30414
Warmth. Aggression. Clarity.
Presenting a classic rock pairing ofhihats with more volume potential and faster response time than any rock hats ever before, the new 14" hats will easily fit into any hard rocker's cymbal setup. These hihats also feature a medium top coupled with a heavy bottom for extra power.
14 inch Hi hats Weight: Medium Top / Heavy Bottom Finish: Brilliant Finish Bell Size: Small Profile: Medium Pitch: Mid to High Sound: Solid Chick Volume: Loud Balance: Cut Sustain: Medium Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional More Detail:
Power. Projection. Playability. Rock your world! Hard hitting cymbals as you know them have just changed. Now introducing the new Zildjian Z3 line with the ultimate mix of Power, Projection and Playability for your Rock. Ground shaking Rock cymbals are nothing new to Zildjian. In 1985, we led the way with the legendary Z line. By 1993, Z Custom was found on the kits of Rock drummers around the world. Now comes the third phase of the Z legacy with the most musical Rock cymbals ever crafted, Z3. Over 25 hot new models destined to rock your world.
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