Zimbabwe ALL 4 UNC TRILLION Dollar Banknotes Complete Set 10 20 50 100 AA 2008

Four banknotes of the Zimbabwe 3rd dollar, great for collectors. P88 Ten Trillion P89 Twenty Trillion P90 Fifty Trillion P91 One Hundred Trillion
All notes are AA, 2008.
Comes with a signed letter of authenticity specific to the serial numbers of the banknotes.
If you want to make a wall display of hyperinflation at its worst, I can also sell these notes in custom acrylic floating frames at $30 more for the frame and mounting with archival materials. Shipping with the frame would be higher. The frame is deluxe, impressive... and heavy.
Contact me if you want the frame and I'll make it a buy-it-now item.
Notes in this listing are unframed!
NOTE: I do not recommend buying Zimbabwe banknotes as a revaluation play. Zimbabwe is in the process of officially demonetizing this currency, which is already legally defunct as paper money in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe courts have recently ruled that the Zimbabwe dollar is no longer money, whatever its technical status.
The demonetization will benefit only bank account holders in Zimbabwe.
These notes will always be a great collectible, but their price as such will rise or fall over time.
DO NOT BET THE FARM! If you want to speculate on the revaluation that I believe will never come for these notes, please don't do so in a big way. Speculate only
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