Zimbabwe Currency $100 Million Bank Note 2008 X 40

The $100 Million $ Note UNC irculated

Issue date: 2008

Condition: UNC - Mint Condition- well stored

Color: reddish color! (see pic)

Features: One Million Dollars Text in front and some balancing rocks. Genuine currency

Signed: Dr G. Gono for central bank

Shipped Notes; 40 cool UNC notes to be shipped to winning bidder

Prefix: AA but actual shipped notes might vary ( shipped in 20 notes x 2 packs)

General Comments: Excellent note.

update: this note is no-longer easy to get. the economy in Zimbabwe is now running on other stronger and more stable currencies than the Zimbabwe dollar. Thanks to all buyers who looked at our listings, and purchased. We are not certain we will continue offering this note in the next two weeks. Its now rare, everyone is keeping it for posterity.

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3. PLEASE currently shipping only to JAPAN, North America & UK and South Africa. ( our previous buyers outside of these regions please contact us first.)

4. adequate packaging-

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