This auction is for this gorgeous set of small/extra small mixed coloured natural Zincite crystals/clusters which come from Poland and when measured at the widest points the largest crystal is approximately 16 mm in length and the smallest crystal is approximately 10 mm in length the set weighs a total of 13.3 grams.

You can see the pictures show both sides of the set of crystals if you have any questions please email me through the ebay messaging system.

Postage to the UK for this crystal is FREE.

Zincite removes energy blocks from the body and allows the life force to flow unhindered. This stone attracts abundance at a physical and spiritual level and can be used to anchor the light body securely into the physical realm. It resonates with the lower chakras, reenergizing the whole body and stimulating creativity and fertility. It assists with the rise of kundalini energy and enhances gut instincts and intuition. Zincite instills confidence and ability to find your own strength. It pushes you to go forward if you suffer from lethargy or procrastination and helps embrace necessary change. Zincite can aid in gently alleviating menopausal systems.

The Zincite crystals in the picture are the one's you will receive.

Thankyou for looking.

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