ZIPPO Deluxe HAND WARMER - camping fishing skiing NEW

Stay comfortable with the Zippo hand warmer, the perfect accessory tofight the chill. The hand warmer is equipped with a platinum-catalyzed glass fiber burner that lights quickly and reliably. As a result, the burner produces a radiant heat without a flame, making it safe and virtually pollution-free. It's also extremely efficient, producing up to 10 times as much heat as most disposable warmers for up to 24 hours (using just 0.4 ounces of fuel). And thanks to the compact size, the hand warmer fits easily in your jacket or pants pocket.

The Zippo hand warmer offers a variety of uses: you can warm your hands while camping, fishing, hiking, or hunting; warm up during winter sport activities such as skiing or snowshoeing; and even keep cozy while on your forest service or construction job.