Zippo Match Lighter x 25 (JOBLOT)

Brand New sealed item.

Excellent little gadget for smokers and non smokers alike
Many uses from lighting your cigarette to your camp fire

Military waterproof, stainless steel million times Camping match: Size: High 10mm, width 29mm, length 39mm Other: the surface of stainless steel, inside is ABS plastic Brand New Zippo everlasting match/lighter stainless steel tin with the zippo logo etched into the side, can be used in a variety of enviroments from camping or fishing to just lighting birthday candle's. This mini lighter, can attach onto your keying, or wherever you want it to go. Just simply dip the match into the tin where the lighter fluid is placed and strike it on the side of the tin. to put out the match simply submerge it underwater, or give the match a firm blow to kill the flame. The product includes a screw on top to prevent any leakage or spills. It is a very unique style, and very light weight. Due to safety we cannot send these products to you with fluid. Please Remember you are Bidding for 25 lighters in this job lot. thanks