Zoids Killer Dome #0611/72 Hasbro 2002

There seems to be a trend of non-payments recently where people bid on items and then do not pay. We have had several bidders not pay, and do not respond to reminders. We make sure we do not just walk away from it and lose our final value fees because of this.We will get them returned by filing a non-paying bidder case and the non-paying buyer gets a non-payment strike(BLACK MARK) on there E-bay account. It's simply NOT fair to us or our sellers who lose potential sales because of those that will not keep their word by paying. Before continuing please be aware that we are not a "toss it in a box and cross our fingers, hope it works, good luck to the buyer, we got the money so who cares" type of seller. We sell all types of items and are a legitimate business-Licensed, Bonded and Insured. We do our best to know about the items we are selling and stand behind what we sell providing it is used correctly and not altered in any fashion. Everything is ALWAYS correctly packed and will arrive in the condition shown. We are a Consignment Shop that sell's 99.9 % of Consigned Sale's on E-bay, With That being said. Thanks and god bless!
We have for your consideration A Zoids Killerdome #061 1/72 Hasbro 2002 new in original box Please see pictures above and if you have any questions pleas e message us (GK) (CM) 1/17/16
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