ZOOBLES Lot of 6 NEW in Package + 6 used Special Edtion Zoobles & Carry Case

This is a lot of both used and new ZOOBLES.
We originally bought the Carrying case and 6 "Special Edition" Zoobles for our daughter's
birthday one year, and she loved them, We then bought 6 more for Christmas (well ahead
of time) But by the time the holidays arrived, her interests had changed, so those remained unopened.
The open zoobles are from the Pentagonia & Seagonia collecions. Carlise #107 , Tyler Belle #108 , Mahi #109 , Mosely #110 , Zippy #111 , and Gouda #112
The "new in Package" Zoobles are: from the "Chatteroos" collection. They talk.
All of these Zoobles (both new and used) were originally in the $6 ballpark, so this could
be real bargain for you.
To open a Zooble, you need to touch its magnetic spot to a metal surface, and they pop open. Each habitat has a metal spot on top, but in a pinch, the refrigerator will also work.
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