Zoom 4040 multi effect, distortion, midi out

Zoom 4040 multi effect pedal.
The effects unit is in good condition and is fully working. I`ve changed bank`s and volume`s micro-switches and all of electrolytic capacitors so it will work properly in the next 20 years. It comes with non original power supply but works properly. Also has midi out.
1. A total of 25 built-in individual effects, which can be combined in patches of up to six effects. 40 preset patches and a user memory for 40 additional patches offer great flexibility.
2. Integrated volume and expression pedals allow adjustment of output level and effect settings in real time. This is ideal for use during a live performance and can be used as two MIDI controllers too.
3. Integrated auto-chromatic guitar tuning function lets you quickly and precisely tune instuments on stage.
4. Compression and distortion are generated using analog circuitry, to assure rich and natural sounding sustain and distortion.
5. Send and return jacks allow connection of external effects devices, and a control out lets you switch guitar amp channels. You can even program the use of these connectors as part of a patch, to create sophisticated sound effects.
6. MIDI OUT for control of external MIDI devices makes the 4040 convenient as
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