This listing is for a ZOOM ST-224 SAMPLER This ST-224 is cosmetically scratched and the PLASTIC SCREEN HAS BUBBLED AND BEEN STUCK DOWN CRUDELY, WHICH IS PURELY COSMETIC BUT WORTH A MENTION, HENCE REDUCED PRICE Comes Complete With: Power Supply User Manual on CD A new generation of sampling has begun
Even if this is the first time that you have ever touched a sampler,
you can easily create groovy break beats.
A user-friendly sequencer is a powerful tool for tarck production,
and a resampling function for more flexible editing.
Plus an Auto Sync function that adjusts BPM in one action,
and a variety of effects supports a number of sound creation tasks, from DJ performance to Remixing.
Simple sampling of any line or microphone source: Three tonal grades in stereo or monaural are available. A total of 30 seconds of stereo data can be sampled in "Hi-Fi" grade, and a total of four minutes of data in monaural "Lo-Fi" grade. Use and save memory efficiently according to the sources or your application. For example, you can use the Lo-Fi grade intentionally to make the sound more powerful.
Pad Play for playback of break beats: Assign your samples of up to 24 pads (eight pads in three banks) for quick playback. Choose the desired playback mode, depending on the type
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