Zoom UIB-02 Optional Card/Port USB MRS 1044 1266 1608

This is the rare Zoom UIB-02 optional card to allow you to use a USB interface with your MRS machine. According to the manual, the following machines are supported:
The interface was installed into my MRS-1608CD, which I do not use anymore. I have tested this item in an MRS-1608CD, and it worked flawlessly.
This item was tested on a Windows Vista machine. I DID NOT have to install any drivers. Windows Vista recognized the USB right away, and then created two virtual drives. One for the "system" information (contains the software to upgrade the MRS) and the other shows the respective folders for the songs/tracks created within the machine. I have uploaded 3 pictures. One shows that the machine itself recognizes the USB port after pressing the appropriate "USB" button on the 1608, and another shows the 2 virtual drives created on my computer after interfacing it. Because I tested it as functioning and this item requires the end-user to install it correctly, I am not accepting returns on it.
Using Zoom-related software, you can manipulate your music files from the MRS on your home-computer using their Audio File Manager software. Without any Zoom software, you can use the interface to at least backup/archive your files. The following are
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