ZOR Camo Pro MMA Fight Shorts Camouflage UFC Cage Fight Grappling Kickboxing XS

ITEM ZOR Camouflage MMA Shorts PRICE $14.99 Colours Available Camouflage RRP $32.00 Sizes Available XS Its Bidding for 1x Top Quality Camouflage MMA Shorts. » Product Description

This is a Brand New ZOR Camouflage Pro MMA Fight Shorts, The ARD's Professional MMA Fighter's Shorts are designed and cut to suit MMA and Kickboxing .

Made from the polyester and mechanical multi-directional stretchable fabric, this extra flexibility allows for better unrestricted movement, and the shorts won't bind to your legs. Touch and durable, in a modern contrast design. They are comfortable, very stylish and durable.

Key Features:-

Constructed from polyester and stretchable fabric. Professional quality and ultra successful shorts. Multiple flex panels for excellent mobility. Panel in thigh, helps keeping opponent from escaping. Split seam for superior flexibility. Innovative tie system with improved Velcro closure. T3 stitching seams withstand the most extreme amount force. Internal pocket in side the shorts, which is ideal for gum shield. 100% quality satisfaction. Excellent value for money.

Specially constructed elasticized polyester and rugged cotton offers stability and support to the ankle during combat training and competition.

Ideal support when performing those intensive training sessions. These are a must when
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