Zoroark and Legendary Pokemon Jumbo Oversized Large Promo Card *MINT CONDITION*

Zoroark Legendary Oversized Promo Card


Gem Mint – This is considered to be the “PERFECTION” of card condition. There are absolutely no card blemishes such as scratches, bend, tears, stains and creases etc (both front and back of card). All four corners of card have sharp and crisp look. This is a “RARELY” used condition on my end because it is easy for someone to find a flaw in (perfection). So if I use this grade scale on a card I am confident in the card looking as if its fresh out the Pack.

Mint – Almost a “perfect” or “gem” card but may have a one minor flaw such as a minimal scratch on front or back of card or a “Extremely” minor trace of white along edge of card.

Near Mint – Card is in excellent condition but not quite mint. Card may have few minor blemishes on card such scratches, surface stains and white edge traces. But overall the card still looks like its been taken well care of.

Played – Card multiple blemishes such as major bends or creases scratches and to be considered the furthest from perfection.


Shipping Carrier will always be USPS. Cards in most cases will be shipped same day after payment has been fully received (in rare case its not card will be no later than next day).


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