Zulu war Foreign service Pith helmet repro Correct shape Pointed peak Officer

Repro British Foreign Service Helmet. Officer pattern. Zulu war 24th Regiment of Foot.

South Wales Borderers

White Pith helmet

As used in South Africa during the Zulu war. Rorke's Drift, Isandlhwana etc. Also Boer War, Sudan etc.

Made in the traditional way but with a very thin integral reinforcing plastic shell to provide extra strength and prevent damage. High quality panelled cotton covering Green internal lining. Buff leather brim and band. Ventilator fitting will accept spike or ball ornament if required. Standard helmet with a leather chin strap. A fully adjustable leather skull cap ensures a perfect and comfortable fit. Adjusts from approx 50cm to 75cm +

Pointed peak.

Ready for whitening. Just use tenis shoe whitener.

The perfect top for Zulu war re-enactors. Much better than the made in Vietnam helmets comonly available.

This item was made by "The Thin Red Line" who have ceased trading and are no longer in Business.

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