Zuni Fetish Turquoise Hunting Bear By Daryl Shack

Elahkwa for visiting my site. Here is a listing for a cool Pyrite laced Turquoise Hunting Bear that is ready for your collection. He is a mere 7/8 inch long x 5/8 inch wide x 5/8 inch tall. The colors are bright and the matrix is extremely beautiful. I inlaid his eyes with Red Coral and he carries an offering bundle of Turquoise, Red Coral and Heshii Beads. Bears represent Power, Strength, Wisdom and Introspection. He could be a fun part of your collection. Make a bid and invite him for plenty of oooh's and aahhhh's. Authenticity is guaranteed because you are buying directly from the artist. Elahkwa. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING and Reduced International Shipping