Zuni Pueblo Indian Fetish Black Walking Bear with Bundle Herbert Halate

Shipping Special... Ship as many fetishes as you want in one package for $5. Includes Priority Mail (U.S.) and First Class International (worldwide)!Zuni Pueblo Indian Fetish Carving Black Walking Bear with Turquoise Arrowhead Bundle by Herbert Halate Our fetishes are handmade in New Mexico by Native American artists.

Here's a walking bear fetish made from jet by Zuni carver Herbert Halate. The bear is the guardian fetish of the West. He represents strength and self-knowledge. He is a spiritual guide and carries within him supernatural powers. The bear is a powerful healing fetish. This walking bear has a turquoise arrowhead bundle and eyes and measures 3.2" long, 1.5" tall, and 2.1" wide . The artist has carved his signature on the bottom. Marvelous walking bear from Herbert! Please check our other items for high quality Native American pottery, jewelry and art. Thanks for looking.

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