Zuni Pueblo Indian Fetish Direction Set Wilfred Cheama

Zuni Pueblo Indian Fetish Carving Picasso Marble Six Animal Directional Set by Wilfred Cheama Our fetishes are handmade in New Mexico by Native American artists.

This incredible six animal directional set fetish was made from one beautiful piece of banded Picasso marble by Zuni carver Wilfred Cheama . Each animal in a directional set is a protective animal representing a different direction. Badger (South) - It is believed that the badger helps medicine men and shamans dig the roots and herbs needed for healing. Mountian Lion (North) - Carried by travelers to protect them on their journey and by hunters to help ensure a successful hunt. Wolf (East) - Strong hunting powers, also represents loyalty and family values. Bear (West) Highly prized for its curative and healing abilities. Eagle (Sky) An eagle fetish may be called upon to carry a shaman in flight when his spirit leaves his body to search for the cause of a patinet's illness. Mole (Underground) - Helps protect growing crops by hunting mice and other small animals that damage crops. (The mole is carved on the underside of this stone.) This very detailed large directional fetish has six animals with inlaid turquoise eyes and measures 4.3" long, 2.1" tall and 2.2" deep . The fetish is signed by the artist on the bottom. A special holiday gift or a stunning fetish for your

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