ZUNI White WOLF Fetish w/ Silver Eyes! by Kenny Chavez

ZUNI White WOLF Fetish w/ Silver Eyes! by Kenny Chavez

Up for auction is a white WOLF fetish by Zuni Pueblo artisan Kenny Chavez . This little wolf is carved from a nice piece of "fishrock" serpentine that has numerous black specs. The wolf's eyes are inlaid silver which is a hallmark of Kenny's carvings.

SIZE: This fine little fellow stands only about 7/8 of an inch tall at the ears, is about 1&3/4 inches long from nose to bushy tail and up to 1/2 of an inch wide.

CONDITION: NEW (Please note: The wolf's eyes and nose may show up as reflecting black in some of the photos, but the nose is white, and the eyes are silver.)

AUTHENTICITY: This is an authentic Native American hand-carved item and comes from the Zuni Pueblo in northern New Mexico (USA). This piece is not signed. If you would like to have a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), we would be happy to provide one. Just request at time of purchase.

In Zuni Indian tradition, each animal is believed to have inherent powers or qualities that may aid the owner of a fetish carved in the image of that animal. The wolf is the teacher, pathfinder, and sharer of knowledge on the never ending journey.

SAVE ON COMBINED SHIPPING!!! Purchase up to 4 fetishes in a 7 day period and they can ship in one box for the price of shipping just one fetish!
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