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WorthPoint Names Bernard Ferret as Vice President, Product Management (3/16/08)
RESTON, VA–(BUSINESS WIRE)February 28, 2008–Reston-based WorthPoint Corporation has named veteran international technology executive Bernard Ferret as Vice President, Product Management. More >>

Antique Presidential Pin (3/16/08)
I have an antique pin with Presidents Lincoln , Grant and Garfield’s pictures on it. The pin is about 3″ long and about 3/4″ tall. The background appears to be bone colored , maybe ivory. Picture of Lincoln is on left, Grant is in the center (larger picture of Grant) and Garfield is on right of pin. The ivory colored background is inlayed in brass. Could you identify this pin and appraise it. More >>

Daryle Lambert Blog: Paintings of the Great Outdoors Can Have Great Value (3/13/08)
Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog: Today’s Photo: Lynn Bogue Hunt, “Blue-Fin Tuna” sold for $126,000 at Copley Fine Art Auction. More >>

Collecting Sterling Souvenir Commemerative Spoons (3/11/08)
We have always created objects in commemeration of those places we love to gather and honor. None can be more prolific than the American sterling souvenir spoon. More >>

Goldberg Coins Joins WorthPoint (3/11/08)
Goldberg Coins & Collectibles partners with WorthPoint, a social network and search engine for collectors More >>

Global Database and Media Firm WorthPoint Moves Headquarters to Atlanta (3/11/08)
ATLANTA — (BUSINESS WIRE) — WorthPoint Corporation, a global database and media company for the $150 billion collectibles market, announced Thursday that it is moving its headquarters staff, media content and sales operations from Northern Virginia to the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) on the campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta. More >>

Collectible Handbags and Purses (3/10/08)
Nowadays, you might see a man with a purse or handbag, but in yesteryear, it was the genteel women who … More >>

Bronze figural lamp (3/9/08)
Bronze lampIts 3 feet tall and weighs about 35 to 50 pounds, made of brass, and on the bottom base it says MARIN, but cant find out anything about the lamp. I am trying to find out how much its worth, if anybody has info please email me at More >>

Lotton Art Glass Values Increase, as Predicted (3/8/08)
Lotton glassSeldom do we get to see our forecasts come true in a short period of time, but my projection of Lotton Glass becoming the next art glass to have the investment value of Tiffany is playing out right before my very eyes. I made this prediction last June 13, 2007 in a news article. More >>

Worthology works both ways, by Jim Sturgill (3/8/08)
It’s every collector’s dream: Rediscovering something in the attic that will fetch a year’s salary, or learning that the … More >>

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