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Audra Blevins
Audra Blevins

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Brokering Success: ‘Bittersweet’ Sale of China Press Exceeds Expectation (3/2/10)
This Chippendale walnut china press, which had been a family possession for four generations, sold for more than twice its high estimate at auction. Worthologist Audra Blevins handed the brokering process for the family, selecting Brunk’s Auction in Asheville, N.C. as the best auction house to sell the piece.What would this handsome piece of antique furniture say if it could talk? Like so many antiques, this Chippendale walnut … More >>

Sterling Tiffany Cigar Holder Up For Bid at Freeman’s (4/14/09)
This Sterling silver cigar holder, made by Tiffany & Co., New York, NY, in the mid-19th century, will be auctioned off April 19 at Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia, Pa. The piece is owned by a WorthPoint member who used the Ask a Worthologist feature to get an estimated value. He later used WorthPoint’s brokerage service to find the appropriate auction house.Dr. Joseph McEllistrem, a WorthPoint member, will have a Tiffany & Co. sterling silver cigar holder up for bid at … More >>

Brokering Adventures: Royal Vienna Vase (4/10/09)
Royal Vienna style vase.Atlantique City is a massive antique show, held several times a year at the Atlantic City Convention Center, featuring hundreds … More >>

A Hot Muggy Day of Treasure hunting…. (9/26/08)
Tilt Top TableSummer is here in Washington D.C.! Saturdays are always fun for me because my husband watches our 4 year old and I get to treasure hunt. More >>

Consolidated Glass – The Deco Years (1925-1931) (9/15/08)
During the first decade of the 20th century, Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company continued to enjoy the sweet success of an established business with quality products. More >>

Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company: The Early Years (1893 to 1910) (7/23/08)
This is the first of a series of articles on the Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company. Over the next few weeks I will cover the Art Deco period and art glass giftware line. History More >>

July Antique Show in Washington (7/23/08)
This past weekend was the D.C. Big Flea, a huge 2 building antique show in Chantilly, Virginia. It is a two day general antiques and collectibles show. The show’s promoters, D’more, advertise well and really get the people in the door. More >>

A History of The Sandwich Glass Company (6/8/08)
Deming Jarvis started the Boston and Sandwich Glass Factory in 1825. Sandwich was a small town on Cape Cod that was rich in fuel, had easy access to major waterways, and was located only 50 miles from Boston. When Jarvis purchased the land for the factory, he purchased the surrounding 20,000 acres of forest so that the company would not have to pay for wood to burn in the furnaces. More >>

Manassas Antique Market (5/26/08)
This past Saturday, May 24th, was the semi-annual Manassas Antique Market in the Harris Pavillion in Old Town Manassas, Virginia. The weather cooperated beautifully for this outdoor show. It was the first time that I had participated as a dealer in the show – and what a success. More >>

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