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More on Novelty Postcards: Attached Add-On Cards (6/21/13)
purseIs simply looking at pictures on postcards becoming humdrum? Maybe it’s time to investigate some more of the many categories … More >>

Novelty Postcards offer a World of Collectible Opportunities (6/14/13)
EggAccording to the dictionary, “novelty” is the quality of being new, original, or unusual. And so it is with novelty … More >>

Living the Amish Life—On Postcards (4/10/13)
skatesMainstream Americans have always found the lifestyle of Amish people fascinating. Perhaps it’s because the Amish dress differently. Maybe it’s … More >>

About Face: There’s a Collectible Postcard for Every Expression (3/20/13)
joyfulPostcard collectors often say that we collect whatever strikes our fancy. “Ummm,… I’ll know it when I see it,” is … More >>

The Postcard Time Machine: The Golden Age of Airlines (3/3/13)
deplaneAs a road warrior who travels by air several times a month for my day job, it was inevitable that … More >>

The Postcard Time Machine: Collecting The Mermaids of Weeki Wachee (12/17/12)
mermaidMermaids have captured the hearts of men, women and children worldwide for thousands of years, from the first stories in … More >>

Highway Americana: Collecting Roadside Attractions on Postcards (10/22/12)
teapotOne of the best reasons to travel America’s highways and byways is to see things we can’t see anywhere else. … More >>

Two Generations of British Royal Children make for Regal Postcard Collectibles (9/10/12)
princessLots of Americans are confirmed Anglophiles—that is, we’re gaga over British royalty. Maybe it’s our official historical British heritage, or … More >>

Kids on Advertising Postcards: Merchants Knew that Children Can Help Make a Sale (6/12/12)
haasWhen I began collecting postcards, way back in the 1970s, I hunted for cards showing children. Ranging from inexpensive chrome … More >>

Postcard Collectors Drawn to Brundage’s Depiction of Victorian Children & Holidays (2/22/12)
2kidsjackFrances Brundage is a familiar name to collectors across many genres. For most of her 83 years, she illustrated all … More >>

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