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The Credenza: It’s not just for Grandma’s Holiday Platters and Doilies (2/5/14)
the credenzaOver the past few years, you may have noticed a growing trend involving the ever-versatile piece of furniture called a … More >>

Ways to Tell between Original Mid-Century Modern Items & Reproductions (7/12/13)
mcm lampWould you like a little insight into what more and more pickers of vintage and Mid-Century modern items are facing … More >>

Let There Be Light: Choosing the Best Mid-Century Modern Pendant Lamps (6/27/13)
bubble lampsWhich of these five classic Mid-Century Modern pendant lights would you prefer? It’s a trick question because the answer will … More >>

Three Affordable Mid-century Modern Lounge Chairs and Three You Probably Can’t Afford (5/23/13)
Eames lounge and ottomanOK, do you want the affordable (er, somewhat affordable) lounge chairs first or the astronomical designs with jaw-dropping prices? We’ll do … More >>

Who Watches ‘Mad Men’ Just to Check out the Cool Furnishings? I Do! (5/9/13)
drapers officeI am guilty of this and I am sure many others out there are as well! My wife enjoys the … More >>

How to Tell if a Eames Lounge Chair Has Been Repaired (5/15/09)
An Eames lounge chair that has been repaired. This is a good repair, but any repair will greatly decrease its value.Many sellers and buyers who are familiar with the design and history of the Eames lounge will tell you it … More >>

Telling the Age of Your Vintage (or Newer) Eames Lounge (5/12/09)
eams-lounger1OK, now that you have discovered if that Eames lounge is real or fake (The Iconic Eames Lounge Chair; Is … More >>

The Iconic Eames Lounge Chair; Is That One Real or Fake? (4/28/09)
The real McCoy: The model 670 lounge chair and 671 ottoman designed by Charles and Ray Eames and produced by the Herman Miller furniture company.The model 670 lounge chair and 671 ottoman are undoubtedly the most recognizable pieces of mid century modern furniture and … More >>

Maintaining Mid Century Furniture (11/21/08)
Using a palm sander and high-grit sandpaper allow you to remove “rings” that may mar otherwise presentable furniture.Taking care of and maintaining your Mid Century furniture By Bradley Downs More >>

Danish Modern (11/17/08)
Hans Olsen teak dining setDanish Modern or “American” Danish Modern? By Bradley Downs More >>

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