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To Remove Centuries-Old Dirt & Grime from Porcelain, Try an Ultrasonic Cleaner (7/9/12)
Lid_with_rust_spots_before (2)Some people like their antiques dirty. I prefer them clean. One very good way to get the exposed parts of the … More >>

‘Anything Chinese’ Antiques Trend in Japan may be on the Wane (6/20/12)
art domu coverIf you have been into an antiques dealers shop lately here in Japan and heard a strange sound coming from … More >>

Razor-Sharp and Designed for War—Traditional Japanese Swords (5/30/12)
woodblock print featuring 2 samuraiJapanese swords are fearsome weapons. In a day and age when firepower is the norm, it is startling to be … More >>

Buying and Enjoying Japanese Porcelain & Historic Items; A Collector’s Take (2/18/11)
OAre you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed Andreas “Andy” Aigner, a program manager for … More >>

Developing a Passion for Collecting Chinese Porcelain (1/25/11)
Most emotional piece, Jiaqing M&P plate, gift from a dear friendAre you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed Arnoldus Wilhelmus Johannes Jacobs—who likes to be … More >>

One Man’s 25-Year Journey Collecting Japanese Ceramics (3/23/10)
A large Shoza plate that John Wocher considers to be the best piece in this 500-plus-piece collection of Japanese ceramics. Are you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed John Wocher, a hospital executive in … More >>

Kutani Ceramics: Warmth with Technical Complexity (2/25/10)
A pair of sake cups with rare Tomobako by Shimizu Bizan.Kutani ceramics didn’t appeal to me at first. They seemed a little gaudy, ornate, the opposite of the type of … More >>

The Main Types of Under-Glaze Decorations in Japanese Porcelain (3/23/09)
Blown in design, 1630-1640There are five main types of under-glaze decoration that were used in the Arita kilns: Blue and white, sometsuke in … More >>

Identifying Japanese Porcelain Types: Arita, Imari and Hizen (2/27/09)
White porcelain, 1680-1740, included items for ceremonies—such as funerary war—and for household use.It can be confusing to try to figure out the different types of ware and the different terms used with … More >>

Early Japanese Porcelain—the Beauty of ‘That which is Enough’ (2/13/09)
1When looking at early- to mid-17th century porcelain from Europe and Asia, it is easy to think the level of … More >>

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