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Antique Seating: What Are You Sitting On? (8/29/08)
Antiques very often have seating material that is—well you know— that woven stuff that comes in old chair seats. It’s … More >>

Identifying Wood Species – Part II (6/26/08)
The heartwood of this piece of poplar was green when it cut. After curing several years it turns brown.The good news is that when you get right down to it there just aren’t that many woods to choose from in the bulk of American furniture. And all are native woods with the exception of mahogany. The short list begins with the various members of the related oak family – oak, elm, hickory, pecan, ash and chestnut. More >>

Identifying Wood Species – Part I (6/26/08)
A reputable dealer has assured you that this chair is an 18th century Philadelphia Chippendale chair. What would you expect it to be made of?Probably the third most frequently asked question about a piece of furniture, after “how old is it?” and “what’s it worth?”, is “what is it made of?”. After brushing aside the original inclination to just say “wood”, the real work begins. Often the identification of the actual building material is the most daunting task a furniture researcher or collector faces. More >>

Identifying Wood Species – Part III (6/26/08)
This is the result of quarter sawing an oak log.We now are down to the last two properties of wood to help us made a positive identification. FIGURE More >>

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