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Circus Christmas Cards — A Colorful Big Top Collectible (12/7/09)
Roland Butler was working on the design for the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. card when he died in 1961. The design was used for many years after his death. During the Christmas season, circuses are typically at winter quarters preparing for another year on the road. Circus owners have … More >>

The Ringling Name Sells Products and Expands the World of Circus Collectibles (11/30/09)
This is one of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey train cars manufactured by K-Line in 1994. This train car is O Gauge and can sometimes be found on eBay for as little as $50. In a previous article I wrote a little about the history of The Greatest Show On Earth. Over the years, … More >>

Wild West Show Memorabilia Features Great Names of the American West (11/23/09)
This large size Kelty photo of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey shows Col. Tim McCoy and His Congress of Rough Riders of the World. McCoy was featured in the after-show during the 1935 season. This photo is valued at $300-400.Collecting wild west show memorabilia is as important to circus collectors as collecting circus memorabilia. The history of the wild … More >>

Older Circus Photos Bring Higher Prices (11/10/09)
Miss Uno was a snake charmer with Adam Forepaugh Shows. Even though she doesn’t have her snake in this cabinet card photo, the image sold for $33 in 2008.In a previous article Circus Photos I wrote about circus photographs and their values. Another article on Side Show collectibles … More >>

‘Come See the Strange, the Unusual . . . the Circus Side Show Collectibles’ (10/20/09)
Freaks, Geeks & Strange Girls,” by Randy Johnson, Jim Secreto and Teddy Varndell, has dozens of illustrations of the colorful side-show banners. Many are full-page illustrations with several fold-out pages. It comes in paperback and hardback and sells for $25 to $35.The circus side show dominated the midway. The flashy banner line and the talker (not a barker) shouted about the … More >>

Some Circus Photos are Worth a Thousand Bucks (10/7/09)
The Glasier photo of the Adam Forepaugh and Sells Bros. tents and midway sold in a recent internet auction for $203.They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it’s a circus photo, it can sometimes be worth a … More >>

From Rock ‘N’ Roll to the Circus: Feld Follows the Path of P.T. Barnum (9/22/09)
The cover of the souvenir program for “The Biggest Show of Stars for ’57.” This program is a cross collectible, sought-after by circus collectors and rock & roll collectors alike. It has a value of $25 to $50. Hard to find window cards for this show are valued in excess of $100.Collectors of circus memorabilia do just that—collect items from circuses past and present. However, there are some items that are … More >>

Heralds Promote Circuses Coming to Town, Tear Down ‘Inferior’ Competition (9/8/09)
Ken Maynard’s Wild West Circus and Indian Congress toured in 1936 and featured the motion picture, western star in person. Value is $50-$75.Circus heralds and couriers stand out among all the advertising pieces produced by the traveling shows of the Golden Age. … More >>

‘The Circus Is Coming!’ Circus Couriers Whet Communities’ Appetites (8/17/09)
This 1938 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey courier is 16 pages in length and is fairly common.“The circus is coming!” It was the cry of every kid who heard the news that the circus was coming … More >>

Circus Programs: Souvenir Magazines a Colorful and Plentiful Collectible (7/28/09)
An early Ringling Bros. program.Souvenir circus programs vary widely in content, size and quality, but most have one thing in common: they provide patrons … More >>

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