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Wild West Show Memorabilia Features Great Names of the American West (11/23/09)
This large size Kelty photo of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey shows Col. Tim McCoy and His Congress of Rough Riders of the World. McCoy was featured in the after-show during the 1935 season. This photo is valued at $300-400.Collecting wild west show memorabilia is as important to circus collectors as collecting circus memorabilia. The history of the wild … More >>

Older Circus Photos Bring Higher Prices (11/10/09)
Miss Uno was a snake charmer with Adam Forepaugh Shows. Even though she doesn’t have her snake in this cabinet card photo, the image sold for $33 in 2008.In a previous article Circus Photos I wrote about circus photographs and their values. Another article on Side Show collectibles … More >>

‘Come See the Strange, the Unusual . . . the Circus Side Show Collectibles’ (10/20/09)
Freaks, Geeks & Strange Girls,” by Randy Johnson, Jim Secreto and Teddy Varndell, has dozens of illustrations of the colorful side-show banners. Many are full-page illustrations with several fold-out pages. It comes in paperback and hardback and sells for $25 to $35.The circus side show dominated the midway. The flashy banner line and the talker (not a barker) shouted about the … More >>

Some Circus Photos are Worth a Thousand Bucks (10/7/09)
The Glasier photo of the Adam Forepaugh and Sells Bros. tents and midway sold in a recent internet auction for $203.They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it’s a circus photo, it can sometimes be worth a … More >>

From Rock ‘N’ Roll to the Circus: Feld Follows the Path of P.T. Barnum (9/22/09)
The cover of the souvenir program for “The Biggest Show of Stars for ’57.” This program is a cross collectible, sought-after by circus collectors and rock & roll collectors alike. It has a value of $25 to $50. Hard to find window cards for this show are valued in excess of $100.Collectors of circus memorabilia do just that—collect items from circuses past and present. However, there are some items that are … More >>

Heralds Promote Circuses Coming to Town, Tear Down ‘Inferior’ Competition (9/8/09)
Ken Maynard’s Wild West Circus and Indian Congress toured in 1936 and featured the motion picture, western star in person. Value is $50-$75.Circus heralds and couriers stand out among all the advertising pieces produced by the traveling shows of the Golden Age. … More >>

‘The Circus Is Coming!’ Circus Couriers Whet Communities’ Appetites (8/17/09)
This 1938 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey courier is 16 pages in length and is fairly common.“The circus is coming!” It was the cry of every kid who heard the news that the circus was coming … More >>

Circus Programs: Souvenir Magazines a Colorful and Plentiful Collectible (7/28/09)
An early Ringling Bros. program.Souvenir circus programs vary widely in content, size and quality, but most have one thing in common: they provide patrons … More >>

Magazine Articles Chronicle Circus Life of Yesterday and Today (6/8/09)
Time” Magazine, March 29, 1937 – Wild Animal Trainer Clyde Beatty.Stories featuring the circus have always been a popular subject for magazines. Collecting these magazines is an inexpensive way to … More >>

You Too Can Be a Circus Owner (5/26/09)
Howard C. Tibbals and the Howard Bros. Circus model—the largest miniature circus in the world—that has been more than 50 years in the making.Owning your own circus is just a dream for most folks, but for a few it is a reality. I’m … More >>

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