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Spotting a Scam: How to Tell if Items Listed on Internet Auction Site May be Fakes (7/8/13)
scamA past WorthPoint article (“Online Buyers Be Prepared”) discussed ways to identify reproductions and counterfeits when buying from Internet auction … More >>

How to Know If Granny’s Old Books Are Worth Anything (5/15/13)
The Good EarthAt some point, most people find ways to dispense with the personal property of a loved one. Keepsakes are divided … More >>

The Game’s Afoot: Searching out Sherlock Holmes Books in Every Language (2/5/13)
Bulgarian.027When I heard about a Sherlock Holmes book collector who had amassed more than 11,000 foreign-language editions, I knew I … More >>

Damien Hirst’s Natural History Series: Will it Pass the Test of Time? (1/22/13)
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone LivingAfter a recent WorthPoint article about collecting deteriorating pieces of royal wedding cakes, including a 172-year-old morsel from Queen Victoria’s … More >>

A Rich and Delectable Collectible Category: Royal Wedding Cakes (11/13/12)
William’s and Kate’s wedding cakeWhen I saw that Julien’s Auctions in Hollywood sold pieces of royal wedding cake at its two-day Icons and Idols: … More >>

Gravestone Rubbings: Gruesome and Macabre or just another Collectible? (10/22/12)
unusual symbolsThe practice of gravestone rubbing has been in existence for hundreds of years. Their original purpose was to reproduce the … More >>

Original Vampire Literature & Movie Memorabilia are Collectibles to Count On (10/12/12)
Universal’s 1931 movie DraculaWhen Stephanie Meyer’s vampire-themed romance novel, “Twilight,” was published in 2005, it was an overnight sensation. Cashing in on the … More >>

The Market for Vintage Haute Couture is as Sizzling as the Summer Weather (8/13/12)
1960s Pierre Cardin dressAs relentless summer heat pounds most of the United States, with many locations reaching record highs and triple-digit thermometer readings, … More >>

Online Buyers Be Prepared—Tips for Avoiding Reproductions (6/12/12)
Titanic NewspaperReproductions, counterfeits, copies, knock-offs, forgeries, facsimiles, replicas, phonies, fakes . . . It doesn’t matter what they are called, these … More >>

Items in the News Drive WorthPoint’s Top Searches for the First Quarter of 2012 (4/30/12)
Norma Jeane BakerA peek at WorthPoint’s top searches is always a fascinating exercise. It provides real insight into what people are buying, … More >>

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