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Who Needs People? Who Needs an Online Community? (3/17/09)
Joe WorksIf you are one of those people who asks, “Who cares about being in an online community?” or “Why should … More >>

Point of View on WorthPoint (2/19/09)
saint-gaudensdoubleeagleobvQuestion: Do you consider investing in art, antiques or collectibles an alternative to the stock market? Would you share your … More >>

Data—Your New Best Friend (1/16/09)
If you think data is boring or just for geeks, think again. There’s power in data. If you like to … More >>

Auction Report: December 10, 2008 (12/10/08)
With most of our partner auction houses that specialize in fine art, antiques and collectibles going on hiatus for the holidays—and by the way, stay tuned, there are some great sales coming up after the first of the year—I turned to iGavel not as a last resort but, I admit this in all candor, to check them out for the first time. More >>

Olsen’s Campaign Pins Are on the Button (12/8/08)
During the 1992 presidential race, John Olsen—a WorthPoint expert on political-button antiques and collectibles—consistently beat Bill Clinton across the country. More >>

The Joy of Christmas Ornaments (12/8/08)
Christmas is for collectors like no other holiday. While scores of antiques and collectibles categories have emerged—nutcrackers, snow globes, putz villages, pink aluminum trees from the 1950s—the quintessential Christmas collectible remains the ornament. More >>

Auction Report: December 3, 2008 (12/3/08)
Since 1984, Pook and Pook Auctions in Downingtown, Pa., has conducted some of the most credible sales of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia. Ronald and Debra Pook, a husband-and-wife team, have committed themselves to a level of credibility second to none. More >>

Peerless Time Machines (12/3/08)
Editor’s Note: Clocks are an important antiques and collectibles category. Mark Peer, a WorthPoint Worthologist, specializes in this great technological invention that can also be beautiful works of art. More >>

Wooden Carousels: Historic “Collectibles” Worth Preserving (9/18/08)
Editor’s Note: Most collectibles are displayed on shelves, hung on walls or snuggled into a corner of the living room. WorthPoint’s Mary Brenneman came across a type of “collectible” that wouldn’t make it through the front door and needs plenty of space to spin—the wooden carousel. More >>

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