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Taking the Vex out of Vexillology: Correcting Five Myths about the U.S. National Flag (3/11/13)
flagCountries around the world have routinely changed their flag colors or designs to correspond to political upheaval, independence or because, … More >>

The Stars Tell Its Age: Collecting the 27 Flags of the United States (3/1/13)
EARLY 13-STAR HAND-SEWN U.S. NATIONAL FLAGThere are about 200 official countries in the world, each with its own national flag design. But few national flags … More >>

You Like Me, You Really Like Me: Collecting Oscar and the Other Big Awards (2/18/13)
oscar vertical 1“And the award goes to…” This is always a great opening line for articles like this, when the Oscar (for film), … More >>

With Pope Benedict XVI set to Resign, Here’s a Look at Collecting Papal Memorabilia (2/12/13)
Rosary P BenedictThe recent announcement of the upcoming resignation of Pope Benedict XVI will be felt in many significant ways. He is … More >>

Collecting JFK: A Second Look at what is Valuable and what is Just Memorabilia? (2/11/13)
jacketThe upcoming auction of John F. Kennedy memorabilia at the John McInnis Auction Gallery on Feb. 17, 2013, led me … More >>

Searching the Worthopedia for the Top Holidays and Celebration Collectibles (1/22/13)
New Yrs Day concert poster, $15.50Now that the 2012 Holiday Season is safely behind up, we can take a breath and consider the how holidays, … More >>

Tips on Collecting 2013 Presidential Inauguration Memorabilia (1/18/13)
US_President_Barack_Obama_taking_his_Oath_of_Office_-_2009Jan20Curiously, since 1901, the preparation for the swearing in of the new president of the United States actually falls to … More >>

Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot: A Toast to New Year’s Collectibles (12/28/12)
New Yrs Day postcard, 1907, $5There are many collectibles for New Year’s Day, more than you would think: there are buttons to wear; calendars old … More >>

Dealing with Dealers: Could this be a New Antiques Reality Show? (12/28/12)
cut glass handbasketIn my little corner of the collectible world, I must be quite spoiled. Surrounded as I am by engaging dealers, … More >>

Dealing with Dealers: What to Do with What You Have (12/21/12)
As a Worthologist, I’ve been able to evaluate all manner of historic items from a suit made expressly for a … More >>

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