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A penny with Secret Service protection and a Confederate restrike (12/11/08)
While visiting the 36th Annual Coin & Currency Show in Baltimore, Md. This year, I couldn’t help but notice that Joe Gallo, owner of A Variety of Errors, actually possessed a penny with its own Secret Service protection. What was that all about, Joe? More >>

What to Know About Paintings (12/11/08)
We’ve all wanted to know how to determine the value of a painting or even an artist. Jim Kamnikar, president of WorthPoint and, was curious, too, so he spent time with Dave Crockett of Artifacts Antiques at the Miami National Antique Show, who was generous with his time to help. More >>

Profiting from a Printing Error (12/11/08)
The next time you are visiting your ATM, pay particular attention to the currency you receive. If you’re lucky, one of your $20 bills may be worth all the bills in the ATM itself. And it has happened, as I found out when I spoke with Glen Burger, the WorthPoint Worthologist for coins and currency with errors, at the 36th Annual Coin & Currency Show in Baltimore, Md., this year. More >>

Looking at the World Through an Optical Lens (12/11/08)
“The heavens above and the earth below” is from a song, I think. But, how do you know what heaven looks like if not through the lens of a powerful telescope. More >>

Porcelain and Tea from the age of 6 (12/11/08)
When your son buys his very first piece of antique porcelain at the age of 6—as opposed to a toy truck—as a parent, you know he is destined to be interested in history, art and antiques. In the case of Christopher Kent, this turned out to be true. More >>

From Musket to Rifle (12/11/08)
Recycling doesn’t just happen with paper or plastic, and it isn’t just a modern concern. In the 19th century, the U.S. government had to find a way to convert a large inventory of early smooth-bore muskets for the use of a more “modern” fighting force. More >>

Modernism is Older Than You Think (12/11/08)
Jim Kamnikar, president of WorthPoint and, visited the Miami National Antiques Show, where he spoke with Ray Kisber from Montreal, Canada, about the style of furniture, glassware, and collectibles known as Modernism. So, Ray, where does Modernism come from? More >>

The Kid’s Korner at the Coin & Currency Convention (12/11/08)
In the middle of a hot summer, I toured the cool cash at the 36th annual Whitman Coin & Currency Convention in Baltimore, Md. What I found, besides about 500 dealers specializing in currency, coins, gold, and platinum, was the Kid’s Korner. More >>

Early 20th Century Reverse Painted Lamps (12/11/08)
Alan Grodsky of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was on hand at the Miami National Antiques Show and was able to share with Jim Kamnikar, president of WorthPoint and, his collection of reverse painted early 20th century lamps. But first, Kamnikar asks Grodsky what are some of the key factors in determining style and quality. More >>

Defregger or not Defregger: That is the question (12/11/08)
Worthologist Christopher Kent was a featured Worthologist at the annual “Treasures from the Attic” antique road show held in Manassas, Va., in March 2008. With his background in antique furniture, paintings, glassware and decorative arts, he was presented with an interesting question of provenance for what appears to be a painting by Franz von Defregger, a painter favored by Adolf Hitler. More >>

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