Steam locomotive Mars headlight

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  • Sold Date: May 14, 2007
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Offered is a vintage steam locomotive Mars headlight.For those of you who missed out on the one listed just like it last week or got outbid,nows your chance to go after another.First 's the scoop on this light.For those of you familiar with Quaker Square in Akron,Ohio and remember the large train collection of Mack Lowery that used to be inside the restaraunt in the old REA building years back wich i fondly remembered eating in t as a youngster back in the early 1970's and later in the 80's as t were RR lights,lanterns,signs ect.throughout and the large O scale train layout upstairs.As the years passed by things seemed to change and the O guage layout was removed and replaced with a G scale layout with a more European look.The RR equipment outside was then moved around back and later the restaraunt was moved over to the main Quaker Oats building.It seemed most of the train collection was downsized and when i stopped t in 1997 one of the shops inside had a room with RR lanterns,marker lights,and a few headlights for sale wich i presume came from the large RR collection.Amongst them were 2 steam locomotive Mars lights and i bought the better one along with some other RR lights.This peticular light is in nice shape for it's age as it is solid with no cracks or breaks anyw that i can see.It still retains it's original thick glass curved convex outer door lens.The only flaw i can see in the glass is a area of scratch marks shown in picture 4 .The other Mars light that was for sale when i bought this one had a thinner flat pc. of regular glass in it's door wich i presumed had been a replacement.This Mars light offered has very little paint loss but does look to have been painted a few times in it's lifetime on the RR.Since owning this light i have done nothing with it other than use it for display.I have never tried to hook it up to see if it works but don't see why it wouldn't.The wiring inside is still attached from the motor to the terminal strip above inside.It is only missing the main wires wich would come in thru the conduit fitting on the backside that would hook to the terminal strip.It also needs 2 small wires that clip to the back of the headlight bulb that would then go to the terminal strip.Over the years i have had a few people tell me that this light most likely came from a NKP engine.I have know idea if it did or not? but it's a good chance coming from a Northeast Ohio collection it may have?One other thing about the light is somedody for some reason stamped the number 56 randomly on the top of the case in about 5-6 places.I often wondered if maybe this light may have come from NKP Berk 756? i was also told once that the RR's sometimes stamped loco numbers on the light cases as to keep them with the loco they belonged to,but why wouldn't they have then put a 7 in front of the 56? Most RR loco's had engine numbers higher than a 56 as is the case with NKP Berks and Mikado's.The W&LE also used Mars lights,shown in picture 9 is a photo of W&LE 2-8-4 #6413 it is the top headlight above the regular one.The UP also used Mars lights on it's steam loco's and i presume a few other RR's also did.Anyhow regardless of it's heritage its off some old steam loco and these Mars lights were a erie looking light as the motor inside turned the light in a figure 8 design as they came down the track.The back of the light retains it's original Mars metal tag wich says The Light From Mars Emergency Fig.8 Signal Lights.The actual light serial number stamped into the tag is #5149 maybe this would be a clue as to what RR Mars sold the light to? The light is big and heavy and weighs roughly around 55 pounds or so, it measures 20" across from the outer door hinge to the door latch.It is 18 1/2" high and is 17' deep.I'm guessing shipping will be anyw from $70-$100 going UPS.I will crate or box this light as securely as i can with no extra charge.If you prefer and would like to pick up locally i live outside of Norwalk,Ohio.I accept money orders/cashier checks only.Payment is due within 10 days.Email me wi...