vintage table TUBE radio Calypso Diora Poland bakelite

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  • Sold Date: Jul 21, 2008
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Another NO HIDDEN AGENDA SALE By âeoe Spkrfiend âe

Some legitimate & barely entertaining ' FINE PRINT ' up front:

I've never 'BOO$TED' the SHPG. charge to increase my Profit on a Sale. More often `than not, I'm usually

covering part of the actual cost while the debt on my FedEx Acct. g-r-o-w-s exponentially! -- Its difficult to know

the varying rate from coast-to-coast, was I've always provided an estimate, then 'verified the rate' for my customers

according to their Zip Codes. Unfortunately, & because of all of the "Price gouging sellers that have gone before'...",

ebay is requiring that "Pre-calculated Shpg." be posted. So when I try to keep the Shpg. 'low', `not only do I provide all

materials, then Pack & deliver to area Terminal `for Free'...but I end`up paying for part of {what I'm charged by FedEx},

Packed in Foam rubber & Shpg. charge `not jacked-up to profit on the Sale Price. Due to rate from Zip 42001,

Buyers from STATES: [ CA,OR,WA,NV,ID ] must ADD $6.00 ~ My feedback reflects fairness on Shpg. costs.

I've nothing to gain by misrepresenting items that I list & I believe in fair trade practices,

& that communication `is the answer. Thanks

lso wonâe(tm)t be disappointed wiHHHHHHHHth their appearance & sound Ampi

HHHH This Listing will END on HHHH

Ii Sat . July 19 th at 11 :00 pm ~ easternâe(tm) Ii

Iâe(tm)ve loaded plenty of intricate photos add, some of which are placed in

combined fields, because t is plenty to see!

`Of all vintage radios, ( NONE like it FOUND on ebay ) , and relative

searches on Google, (for Calypso 62127 Diora),

yielded only 15 Hits instead of thousands .

HOverseas Internet Info Link ~

d )--> /r/diora_calypso_62127.html

or )--> Calypso 62127

+ -->


from the web ~

Name: DIORA - Radiowerk Dzierzoniow, Poland (PL)

Abbreviation: diora

Summary: Radiowerk Dzierzoniow, (former Reichenbach, Silesia), Poland.

Only later this establishment received the name DIORA.


Notice w others of this era are usually beaten`up, by comparison.

Its presence in the room as an unbelievably well crafted piece of ornate antique furniture.

Powers`Up & works

Missing its original power cord, we improvised a temporary replacement for the sake

of powering & trial run. It needs some tightening, tuning, & spraying & tâe(tm),

such as with âeoeTuner Renewâe for static. And the volume control mechanism could be

âe~re- securedâe(tm). T may be a weak tube? âe¦as output was muted & fuzzy at times,

to almost `all clear, `then not ~. And this is the best representation I can offer,

so it will have to be an âe~As Isâe(tm) / One Way sale, for I cannot place an individual

warranty on a radio thatâe(tm)s 50-60 years old, âe¦yet it is performing as Iâe(tm)ve described.

HI would say that, even with the variation in the volume control, H

HH the radio is still on the verge of âeoeworking wellâe HH

Hand that this radio âeoepresents well & is in an original, in tact state. H

I did some cleaning, using orange oil on the wood `prior to taking the photos, but

with a little work, the radio could be detailed `back to originalâe(tm).

It appears to have a Bakelite surrounding frame (in the front). It also has a

unique, ribbon antenna which wraps around the chassis. The selector switches

work with a solid action, like that of the keys of an old typewriter.

This radio does not have the âe~feelâe(tm) of an empty box,

but is a solid & heavily built o...