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Antiques Shops Make More Money “Buying Right” (7/5/08)
Many years past, I learned an important lesson that applies to most, if not all, businesses, antiques and collectibles shops included. The president of a local meat-packing company and I were reviewing the company’s financial statements and one-year outlook. More >>

Maintain the Value of Your Antique, Art Or Collectible Business (6/14/08)
Can you sell your antique, art or collectible business while competing with the multitude of other small businesses also being sold? More >>

SUVs – A Tax Benefit for Collectors (5/30/08)
Did you know that large sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are classified as trucks and subject to truck safety requirements? For income tax purposes, they do not qualify as passenger vehicles and are exempt from the luxury-auto dollar caps. More >>

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